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Einstein showed language impairments at a very young age. His speech was severely delayed. He only began to talk at the age of three, and had trouble with language throughout elementary school.

During a parent meeting, the Headmaster told Einstein's parents that he did not have the ability to be a successful professional. He recommended that Einstein attend a trade school. In fact, his teachers thought he was borderline retarded.

Young Albert did not listen to them. Instead, he moved to a different type of school. This school de-emphasized rote memorization. Unlike his old school, they stressed creative thinking and hands-on learning. Young Albert's academic performance improved dramatically.

Einstein suffered from dyslexia. He is a clear example of a person who would be labeled as learning disabled in today's educational system. With the right approach to education, these labels cannot prevent great accomplishments, as proven by Einstein and others.

Children with learning disabilities have one or more processing or learning weaknesses. At Einstein Montessori School, we would rather not use the term "learning disabled," because many of our great thinkers had dyslexia--geniuses and statesman like Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Edison, Leonardo de Vinci, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Winston Churchill, Walt Disney and so many others. Most of us do not think of these men as having been "disabled."

In fact, Time Magazine named Einstein as the most important person in the twentith century.

Imagine Einstein attending a typical Florida Public School. Most of these schools have adopted a varying exceptionalities or VE classroom model, where one teacher teaches several subjects. This Exceptional Student Education or ESE teacher is certified to teach every subject in Kindergarten through 12th grade.

However, an ESE teacher's training in mathematics may end with algebra, and science and social studies training may be basic. How would someone like Einstein possibly benefit from learning math from such a teacher?

Also, many VE classrooms put dyslexic children in with children who have emotional or behavioral problems. What happens to a child who is faced with a teacher who does not have adequate training? How easy is it for these children to concentrate and learn among peers who have significant emotional or behavioral problems? Bright children with dyslexia often emerge from these traditional placements with low self-esteem, minimal improvements in reading skills, and a woefully inadequate education. Alternatives do exist, like the school that Albert Einstein's parents found. This school had the most effective educational system of any school that Albert Einstein ever attended. In this system, hands-on and creative thinking, rather than rote memorization were embraced. This school was a perfect match for Einstein's tremendous creative and reasoning abilities.

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