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Much of the frustration that dyslexic children feel in the classroom is caused by the teaching methods used in traditional classroom settings, because these children learn in different ways.

A professor of psychology at Yale University, Robert Sternberg has conducted studies on what he terms "multiple intelligences". His studies show that students do better when they are taught in ways that are consistent with their strengths.

For example, a student who is high in creative intelligence will do best when his curriculum includes creative hands-on learning activities. Parents who are aware of their children's learning strengths and weaknesses are better equipped to find schools that are best suited for these children.

Einstein Montessori School has gone beyond Sternberg's recommendations. Most of the children at our school are dyslexic.
Dyslexia is defined as a difficulty in reading words despite adequate instruction, intelligence, and constitution.

The challenge is for us to find ways to teach them--ways that work--ways that go beyond merely, "adequate."

Because they need our help, we are committed to teaching not only to their learning strengths, but also by using research-proven programs that improve each child's learning weaknesses.

We have seen that Albert Einstein was not an isolated case. Many children struggle with dyslexia, so we must give our students the best environment for learning to improve all of their learning abilities, including visual, auditory, hands-on, and mental imagery. Me must offer proven alternatives to traditional methods that can often damage a child's self esteem.

We believe that every child deserves a chance to have a free and appropriate education, using teaching methods and programs that are proven by sound research.

We also believe that children are inherently curious and love to learn. The challenge is on us, to give them an environment that improves and encourages their development and that effectively teaches them all the skills necessary to be successful learners.

The science, social studies, and math classes at Einstein are designed to show students that their intelligence and learning abilities may be far better than their reading abilities. These classes teach to students' strengths, with hands-on projects like science experiments or group history projects.

Also, we train our teachers to support and encourage their students to use their new learning strategies and newly developing processing skills. This "all-day in every class" support further helps students improve their academic weaknesses, like reading or writing. It helps them achieve their academic potentials.

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